Uber has long considered its many drivers to be independent contractors, allowing it to avoid various costs of a full-time employee. But a number of recent regulatory decisions are challenging that notion.

The introduction of the HoloLens by Microsoft brought back memories of the history of its Kinect device.

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Congressional Republicans are urging the F.C.C. to publicly release an internal draft of its net neutrality proposal. They are concerned the commission is poised to pursue heavy-handed regulation.

Box will be valued at $1.7 billion when it begins trading on Friday, but concerns have been raised within Silicon Valley about the highflying valuations that some technology darlings have fetched recently.

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The company said it would delay a quarterly earnings report as a result of disruptions to the computer network at its American film studio, Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Ford Opens Lab in Silicon Valley

Friday, 23 January 2015 by

Mark Fields, Ford’s chief executive, said the company wanted to be seen as part of Silicon Valley’s ecosystem.

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Big Data Underwriting for Payday Loans

Monday, 19 January 2015 by

ZestFinance, a practitioner of big data underwriting, says it can reduce the risk of default on payday loans by 40 percent or more.

Consumers were never quite sure what to make of Google’s Internet-connected glasses.

While Intel’s profit rose significantly, concerns remain about whether it can move beyond its focus on putting chips in personal computers and servers.

Google Translate App Gets an Upgrade

Wednesday, 14 January 2015 by

The company’s translation service is becoming a lot smarter — and a lot easier to use.