Educational technology companies are latecomers to exploiting the potential of the Internet, but venture capitalists seem to believe their time has come.

It may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but translation tools are improving enough to imagine a day when a Spanish speaker and an English speaker can easily chat.

Instead of routing their attacks through decoy servers, the hackers sent them directly from web addresses in North Korea, the F.B.I. said. But some skeptics still wanted to see the agency’s evidence.

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The fund is intended to help attract more women and minorities to the technology field and make it more hospitable to them once they get there.

Amazon’s “all you can eat” reading service, Kindle Unlimited, is driving down prices even as it boosts sales. For self-published authors, that’s a cause for concern.

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A Day With Apple Pay

Friday, 02 January 2015 by

The success of Apple Pay will in part be determined lies in the hands of the people behind retailers’ counters. How are those people doing two months after the service was introduced?

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Writers Are Mixed Over Amazon Unlimited

Thursday, 01 January 2015 by

Six months after its introduction, Kindle Unlimited is proving controversial and disruptive, just like so many other Amazon innovations.

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Two forthcoming books explore how companies use employee-scoring systems to rate job applicants and employees alike.

The Bay Area isn’t the only locale that has a love-hate relationship with Google. A proposed Google campus in Boulder, Colo., has stoked concern about rising home prices and the company’s insular campuses.

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Oracle’s purchase of Datalogix sheds a light on an important side of the digital advertising business: connecting an ad you see with a product you buy.