Cutting crimson: Kicking off the Student Center’s Grand Opening

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Members of the UH Board of Regents, student representatives and alumni cut a ribbon marking the grand opening of the new Student Center. | Corina Carrizales/The Cougar

Alumni, students and members of the UH Board of Regents emitted warm, positive energy as they gathered outside for an intimate ribbon-cutting ceremony marking the Student Center’s Grand Opening, voicing appreciation to all who made the vision of the Student Center a reality.

From Student Transformation Project chair Erica Tat to President Renu Khator, all emphasized that none of the SC would have been possible without the students.

The student body has been a part of the process from the beginning, voting with 77 percent approval of a new center, a tuition increase and decisions on details as small as the lounge chairs. Less than three years after the ceremonial ground-breaking, the University was able to present a finished product.

In spite of gloomy weather, the SC was buzzing with activities, prizes, food and drink. Generous giveaways and discounts also attracted students to the SC, with much of the excitement focusing on the abundance of new spaces for hanging out.

“It opened up more of a relaxed study space,” said communications freshman Ninrah Baig, who was enjoying lunch with her friends.

The modern look of polished glass, steel and beige wasn’t wanting for attention either.

“It just looks so classy,” said biology freshman Sebrin Abdu of the SC’s appearance.

The Open House had students wandering to the SC North, a chance to familiarize themselves with many of the student organizations it houses. By getting a form stamped at several of the major organizations and learning what they do, students were able to obtain a free T-shirt.

Now that the SC is complete, it seems that one semester spent in a building still enduring finishing touches was worth it. After seeing the volume of students crowding the halls, chairs and dining areas, it’s clear the SC has definitely made itself the place to be.

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