The complex calculations behind federal scientists’ conclusion that 2014 was “easily” the warmest since records began in 1880.

Where terror is normal (Nigeria) and news (France).

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A closer look at Pope Francis’s planned push on climate change in 2015.

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Ten years after 230,000 died in the world’s first hemisphere-scale geo-catastrophe, a tsunami expert looks ahead.

An ice sculpture that melted during a global warming demonstration last fall is now preserved in time-lapse video.

A brief break from blogging and a call for ideas to explore in 2015.

A longtime resident of Brazil’s westernmost Amazon state reflects on forests, martyrs and the future.

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How a century-old conservation group chose YouTube and a porcupine to fight budget cuts in the depth of the recession.

A fresh review of research and graphics showing the difference between the global warming trend and short-term variations in conditions.