Marvel’s First Black Captain America

On Thursday night, Marvel Comics revealed the Captain America you knew is a goner.
COLBERT: “Don’t break my heart here. Am I the next Captain America?”(Via The Colbert Report)
COLBERT: “Alright, Joe. Joe, if I’m not the next Captain America, then who is?”
QUESADA: “Sam Wilson — his partner, the falcon.”
Yes, Marvel comics editor in chief Joe Quesada told Steven Colbert that Steve Rogers would be replaced in the comics.
Colbert is a huge ‘Cap’ fan.
Wilson made his big screen debut in April’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
He was portrayed by Anthony Mackie.
IGN speculates that we could see Mackie’s falcon take up the title of Captain America in Marvel’s film series if Chris Evans doesn’t extend his contract to portray Steve Roger’s past 2016’s 3rd Captain America movie.
Though this isn’t actually the first time Rogers has been replaced as Captain America.
Back in 2007, his other partner, Bucky Barnes, made popular as the winter solider after April’s blockbuster, took up the moniker in the comics in the wake of Roger’s apparent death.
But right now, Captain America is on arguably his biggest role in 70 years.
Both movies starring Chris Evans have been big hits, so why rock the boat?
On Tuesday, Marvel announced a new Thor would be taking up the god of thunder’s hammer, and that the new hero would be a female.
Marvel made a point to emphasize that this new Thor wasn’t just a spin-off character.
Thor comic writer Jason Aaron said, “This is not She-Thor. This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is THOR. This is the THOR of the Marvel Universe. But it’s unlike any Thor we’ve ever seen before.”
It’s a lot to wrap your head around.
In the past few years, Marvel has changed other familiar faces of its staple by introducing a half African-American, half Latino Spider-Man, an Islamic Ms.Marvel, and an African-American McFury after Samuel L Jackson’s popular cinematic portrayal.
The new Captain America comic appropriately titled “All-New Captain America” will debut with issue #1 this fall.

Cute Baby Gargles Her Food (Video)

Any parent will know that babies can sometimes be stubborn when it comes to eating their meals.
This Dubai mother got a fit of laughter as her adorable baby, intent on not swallowing, gargles on her food, making the most bizarre and hilarious sounds!

Legendary Actor James Garner Dies At 86 (Video)

Actor James Garner, best known for his roles in multiple TV series and his Oscar-nominated performance in “Murphy’s Romance” has died. He was 86.
According to Los Angeles police, Garner died of natural causes. TMZ reports the actor was found dead when an ambulance arrived at his Los Angeles home Saturday evening around 8p.m.
Garner appeared in over 50 films over his six-decade career, but he was best known for his roles in two TV series.
As a nomadic cardsharp in the 1950s show “Maverick” and as a wrongly convicted private investigator in “The Rockford Files” during the 1970s.
Garner appeared in more recent films such as 2004’s “The Notebook” where he played an older version of Ryan Gosling’s character.
The Oklahoma native’s death evoked strong reactions online from actor/comedian Norm Macdonald recalling a poker game he once lost to the star.
And “Parks and Recreation” star Jim O’Heir remembered him as a “gracious man.”
A writer at The New York Times described him a “genuine star but as an actor something of a paradox: a lantern-jawed, brawny athlete whose physical appeal was both enhanced and undercut by a disarming wit.”
In an interview, Garner cited legendary actors Spencer Tracy and Henry Fonda as two inspirations for his unique on-camera personality.
“I don’t ever remember catching Spencer Tracey acting. You know everything he did seemed so natural to me. And of course I learned a little technique and professionalism from Henry Fonda.”
Garner is survived by his wife, daughter, stepdaughter and stepson.

Shakira Becomes Most Liked Celebrity on Facebook (Video)

Shakira has beaten Eminem — who has 91.9 million Facebook likes — and Rihanna, who has 89 million, to become the most liked celebrity on Facebook.
The Colombian beauty described the achievement as “unbelievable” after making it to the top spot with over 100 million likes.
Facebook’s ‘boss man,’ Mark Zuckerberg, congratulated Shakira saying, “What an amazing milestone for an amazing person.”
Shakira even shared a series of infographics to measure the milestone, which revealed that 100 million people holding hands would be able to wrap around the world four times.

Robert Downey Jr. is Forbes’ Highest Paid Actor; See Rest of Top 5

While Robert Downey Jr. has been the face of Marvel’s Avengers films, he might also become a regular face among Hollywood’s richest actors.
The 49-year-old grabbed the top spot on Forbe’s list of highest paid actors, earning about $75 million, the same amount he made the previous year.
His success largely stems from his roles in Marvel’s Iron Man and Avengers films.
The films so far have collectively earned a whopping $4 billion worldwide.
An Avengers sequel is set for next spring.
As a writer for Forbes put it, “Downey reigns…because at this point, it would be incredibly difficult for Marvel to continue making Iron Man and Avengers films without him.”
And, its a good time to be a superhero.
Downey Jr.’s costar Chris Hemsworth, who played Thor in the Avengers series, came in at #5 with $37 million.
Forbes determines the salaries based on how much each celeb earned for entertainment related work between June 2013 and June 2014.
At #4 is Leonardo DiCaprio, who once topped the list in 2011.
He starred in the box office hits The Great Gatsby, and The Wolf of Wall Street.
At #3 is Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper with $46 million for his roles in American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook.
And, at #2 with $52 million, is Dwayne Johnson, who recently ventured in television.
‘The Rock’ is producing and starring in the upcoming HBO comedy, Ballers.
As for Hollywood’s highest paid women, the list has yet to be released.
But, if last year’s list was any indication, the Los Angeles Times points to a stark paygap in Hollywood’s salaries.
Angelina Jolie took the top spot last year, earning a $33 million salary, more than $40 million less than Downey Jr last year.
To check out who else made the top 10 list, head over to Forbes.

Massive Whale Lifts Kayakers Onto Its Back (Video)

Two kayakers paused to take a closer look at some whales off the coast of Argentina, but got an unexpected surprise when one of the giant creatures lifted their boat onto his back.
This footage shows the whale roll over before moving slowly under the kayak and then lifting it clean out of the water close to the coastal city of Puerto Madryn.
The two very surprised humans on its back are taken along for the ride, but manage to keep their cool.
Credit: YouTube/Gisela Diaz

Viral: Hilarious Kim Jong-un Dance Parody; North Korea Furious

A Kim Jong-un parody dance video, reportedly make by a Chinese college student, has gone viral.
The video features a fake Kim Jong-un, dancing and fighting his way through a series of very bizarre situations.
The North Korean leader is seen kicked to the ground by President Obama, parading through a ballet studio, and much much more, all to the sound of a Chinese pop song by the group the ‘Chopstick Brothers’.
While most people find the video hilarious, the North Koreans are not amused.
In fact, they are so unhappy with the video, they apparently have asked the Chinese government to take steps to remove it.
Obviously, the Chinese Government was unable to do so.
The full video can be seen below on YouTube. What is your favorite scene?

Mike Myers, Deepak Chopra an Unlikely Duo: Discuss Philosophy, Coincidence (Videos)

You may not expect the mastermind behind “Wayne’s World” and “Austin Powers” to spend his free time contemplating enlightenment. But, Mike Myers has a deep interest in Eastern philosophy and he has connected on multiple occasions with Dr. Deepak Chopra, the famed author, physician, and alternative-medicine advocate.
In a video uploaded to YouTube (above), Chopra asked Myers about how he started studying Eastern philosophy. Myers explained that his father’s life philosophy had a profound impact. Myers summed up this philosophy: “Everything’s going to be OK, let’s go have fun.”
In another video, Myers explained: “Everything that I’ve read would suggest that enlightenment is lightening up—traveling lightly, not being so attached to things.”

He described his father as “super funny, super silly.”
His father died in 1991. Myers’ first hit movie, “Wayne’s World,” which he wrote and starred in, came out in 1992. The person he’d most want to see his success wasn’t around to see it. He started searching for spiritual philosophies and came across Chopra’s books.
Chopra said of Myers: “It’s very unusual to find an artist who’s also so well versed in the understanding of consciousness.”

In another clip, Myers enters Chopra’s office and is amazed to see a picture-card with an Indian god on it on Chopra’s wall. Myers pulled the exact same card out of his backpack.
Chopra explained that materialists would dismiss this as a chance occurrence, but Chopra calls it synchronicity. He said: “There’s a deeper significance to it, because in the deeper domain everything is inseparably correlated with everything else.”
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Disabled Chihuahua Gets Toy-Constructed Cart (Video)

A disabled Chihuahua in Indiana is becoming quite the hit on social media. His name is Turbo.
The small pooch is getting around with help from a cart that is constructed out of toy parts. Earlier this month, a couple brought Turbo to ‘The Downtown Veterinarian’.
They said his front legs hadn’t developed. They dog only weighed 10 ounces and his littermates weren’t letting him get near any food.
Staffers at ‘The Downtown Veterinarian’ decided to take him in. Practice Manager Amy Birk commented “A small dog can do well with a cart. So, unless he had another medical condition, there was no way we were putting him to sleep.”
Now he’s doing great. Turbo spends his days at the office and goes home with his foster mom at night. Not long after he began eating, staffers started contemplating how they could help him walk, as dogs can’t be fitted for a cart until they reach 6 months of age.
The employees decided to use a Fisher Price helicopter on wheels for the frame of the cart along with a ferret harness and pipes from a child’s welding kit to hold it in place.
Now the vets are chronicling his achievements on Instagram and many people have expressed interest in adopting him.