Here Are All The New Emojis Coming Soon To Your iPhone

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New emojis are coming to the iPhone. And, yes, there will finally be an emoji of someone flipping the middle finger.

As part of a special iOS 9.1 beta upload that became available for developers Wednesday, people got a first look at the slew of new emojis that will soon be available on Apple's devices in the near future, The Next Web reports.

After the software update is released to everyone, people will be able to hieroglyphically express themselves by sending emojis of a burrito, a cricket bat, a monkey, a "talk to the hand" symbol and more.

Other bizarre emojis include a tongue covered with money, chains and a casket.

Apple is set to release the consumer version of iOS 9 on Sept. 16, and version 9.1 will roll out sometime later. This means that Apple products will probably get the new emojis later this fall.

Back in June, the Unicode Consortium, the organization that writes the code for emoji designs, said it was planning to release dozens of new emojis that'll be available across different digital platforms. It looks like Apple's going to be the first to get them, with Android, Twitter and Facebook adding them shortly after, according to

For what it's worth, Microsoft actually beat Apple in the middle finger game, implementing a middle finger emoji in Windows 10 this summer.

Here's a look at some of the emoji options that will be available in iOS 9.1 — the new ones are mixed in with the old ones, as they'd look once the update hits your phone:

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