How to Write YouTube Headlines That Get Read For Your Personal Brand

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When building a personal brand video content is key to increased visibility online. To achieve this it’s not only important to create compelling media that attracts an audience but to also tailor topics for your target market. More than ever your audience is using YouTube as a search engine to find what they are looking for.

With the right headlines for your visual content, a personal brand can tap into a much larger audience in their market. This will take just some minor adjustments to your copy with the use of catchy phrases that include the right keywords.

How can you effectively build your brand on YouTube? One way is to conduct research on the right topics for your audience. But you do not have to spend a lot of your budget to do this. YouTube includes a powerful search function in addition to conducting research through Google’s keyword suggestion tool.

Being aware of what your market is desiring and is attracted to will help your personal brand establish itself as an authority through video. Here’s how to craft the right headlines that attract viewers who will want to stay and watch your videos to the very end.

How to publish great headlines for YouTube

Here are several ways you can start reaching a larger audience:

  • Optimize for search – Perform a search with a relevant word or phrase as it relates to your video. Google provides many different options to choose from and the level of competition for each word and phrase. You can also go to YouTube directly and enter your information there in your search bar, which also includes filters to narrow your results.
  • Keep it short – Avoid using too many words, and choose instead a clear, concise, and simple description that your audience will understand. Many of your viewers are using their mobile devices and you will want to keep this in mind. Catchy phrases are very effective in getting the viewer’s attention.
  • Get your audience engaged – People love to share their opinions, which is why polls are now so common — especially on social media. Ask your viewers’ opinion in order to engage them in the video and provide valuable insights you can use in your business.
  • Include a timely deadline – When people see a specific date they naturally want to find more. This can work for a historical reference as well as something coming in the future. By providing a deadline they will be more likely to read about why they should take action.

As video continues to grow in popularity, it is more important than ever to tap into the power of visual content marketing and to make your personal brand stand out. Headlines that are optimized well for smartphones and tablets will attract more leads, and double your subscriber list as well.

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