Michael Moore Asks How America Lost Its Way In Where to Invade Next

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It has been a while since a controversial film from Michael Moore. In fact, six years. Now, the filmmaker unveiled his latest documentary “Where To Invade Next” at the Toronto Film Festival last night to rave reviews saying it is his best since his glory days of “Bowling for Columbine” and “Sicko”.

The film reportedly has a surprisingly optimistic outlook as it explores social programs and policies in other countries and contrasts the U.S. approach with those. It is said to be more cheekily humorous and less lecturing in style than his previous efforts, according to DarkHorizons.

Buyers reportedly are competing for the project and not just specialist studio distributors but streaming giant Netflix as well due to worldwide rights for the film still being available.

EW said about the film:

“Moore has made a film that takes a hard look at America and wonders aloud how we’ve lost our way. How has the greatest and most powerful country on Earth fallen so far behind to the rest of the world when it comes to happiness, dignity, and how we treat our workers? Moore travels across the globe (mostly Europe, but also far-flung places like Tunisia) and, with an air of mock astonishment, shows us how much better other countries treat women, minorities, and families. In each case, he talks to locals and after hearing how simple their prescriptions for happiness are, he plants an American flag on their soil and argues that his invading documentary team wants to colonize these ideas (more humane prison systems, corporate family-leave rules, college tuition policies, even what they feed their children at lunch in school) and bring them back to America to fix what’s broken at home.”

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