EvoNexus Rolls out the Red Carpet for 26 New Startups

EvoNexus has long been established as the place to incubate if you’re in the San Diego area, and the recent expansion of their network to Irvine has brought that prestige to a community of all-new startups. Like many companies EvoNexus has worked to maintain a strong growth trajectory, and at this point I think it’s safe to say they’ve arrived in the big leagues.
The team wrote a blog post recently to welcome 26 new companies to their incubator program across their three locations: Downtown San Diego, University Town Center (UTC) in San Diego, and Irvine. In total they received 212 applications from companies chomping at the bit for a piece of the EvoNexus action.
So, what makes this round of applications special for EvoNexus? It’s simple, they’ve shattered old records and established new highs: 212 applications is the most they’ve ever gotten.
Further, they admitted 26 of those 212 startups, which is also a new record high for the incubator. In total, EvoNexus is now incubating 57 companies, helping them achieve success through a strong network of mentors, investors, and resources.
To date they’ve received over 1,000 applications and have admitted 107 different companies to the program. With this new batch of companies, Irvine will welcome 9 new ones to University Research Park and San Diego will welcome 17 between the UTC and Downtown locations. Here are the companies that were accepted to EvoNexus:
Breath Analytics: A medical device to detect and monitor progress of sepsis
FastEvac: An app to facilitate successful evacuations and perform setup and training for small to medium sized companies in multi-floor buildings
Modern AlkaMe: A web application that will directly obtain and assess customer health data while simultaneously compounding health data from other services and devices used by customers in order to comprehensively analyze the consolidated data to recommend nootropic products for customers seeking safe and sustainable cognitive enhancement tailored to their unique chemistry
Monet Networks: A cloud based data analytics platform that delivers cost-effective, easy tools for capturing and analyzing various forms of non-verbal communications or cues over mobile and Internet screens
Shoelace Wireless: An Android app that makes Internet on your mobile devices faster and more reliable
Snorx: Single-use simple surgical tool for otolaryngologist sleep specialists which will allow them to offer patients a 5-minute in-office procedure that alleviates snoring
Tagnos: A patented patient experience solution for healthcare that goes far beyond patient and asset tracking
TenantBase: An office space matchmaking software/service that streamlines the office search and lease negotiation process for tenants seeking office space
Vendedy: A social enterprise start up that is digitizing the Street Vending Industry via phone app technology
San Diego
Aira Tech: An innovative service that is designed to help blind and low-vision users gain independence
Astroprint: A cloud for OS for the 3D printing industry. By making 3D printing simple, we become the default OS in the 3DP industry. Then we open our 3rd party app marketplace
CollectiveSun: A crowd lending platform to finance nonprofit solar projects
Combined Power: A disruptively low cost Concentrated Solar Power. We sell equipment that power plants, industrial and agricultural facilities use to generate steam, replacing fossil fuels
Crypteron: A server side, application layer, military grade security framework and SDK brings regulatory compliance and data security by carving out private clouds within the public clouds
CureMetrix: An early and accurate detection, classification, and quantification of breast cancer in mammograms
DotStudioz: A cloud based software solution that makes it painless to distribute and monetize video across owned-and-operated, branded environments on various platforms
eLux Medical: An improvement upon tradition liposuction in which a photothermal nanomaterial and an external laser readily available to plastic surgeons in the clinic are used in combination, to heat and melt fat in adipose tissue to facilitate its removal, resulting in less effort on the physicians behalf and more uniform results for the patients.
GoShare: A mobile app and website that connects people who have a pickup truck, van, or SUV with people nearby who need help with moving, hauling, towing or delivering cargo on demand
LoanHero: An instantaneous consumer loan origination platform that is powered by the peer-to-peer marketplace, our business’ balance sheet and strategic lender
Podify: A SaaS solution for wellness professionals offering a complete business solution for all of their administrative and management needs as well as exclusive marketing
Qelzal: Sense & Avoid and Obstacle Avoidance systems for small commercial drones. These systems avoid low flying aircrafts, and make drones autonomous and safer in near-earth flights
ScryTech: Fraud management through behavioral analytics
Seclytics: A SaaS cyber intelligence platform for SMB
ServicePair: A mobile-first app that connects contractors to other construction professionals
Stemonix: Developing a commercial scale printer for the high-volume growth and differentiation of stem cells and stem cell products
Wrapify: A disruptive crowd-sourced advertising platform connecting drivers and brands to create powerful on-vehicle advertising
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Rebuilding New Orleans Has Fueled Diverse Startup Resources

New Orleans is famous for Mardis Gras and jazz music, and the 2009 NFL Champion New Orleans Saints. But, similar to the city of Detroit, New Orleans has had to rebuild in the last decade. After Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city and the entire region in 2005, recovery and recession were challenging wars that the region had to wage. In the face of this challenge, the rate of entrepreneurship in New Orleans has grown more rapidly than most places in the U.S.
This makes New Orleans the most logical final stop on Steve Case and Revolution‘s Rise of the Rest Startup Tour. After visiting Richmond, Raleigh-Durham, Charleston, and Atlanta, having selected one startup in each region to award a $100,000 investment, the Rise of the Rest will arrive in New Orleans on May 8 to tour the economic wins in the region and hear pitches from 8 selected startups. Understanding the “important role that all sectors – public and private – play in helping the entrepreneurial economy thrive”, is one of the main reasons for this tour, according to Revolution’s blog post.
Many of the active angel and venture funding firms in New Orleans were founded within the last five years, and the amount of startup funding in 2013 was an unevenly distributed $48M. But incubators like The Idea Village are working hard to change that. By producing New Orleans Entrepreneurship Week, the spotlight on the growth and vibrancy of the area is able to shine bright. Firms such as Nola Angel Network, Operating Venture Capital, South Coast Angel Fund, and New Orleans Startup Fund help to round out the resources that provide startups with necessary access to mentorship, education, and funding.
When the Rise of the Rest tour bus pulls in to New Orleans, they will get a full immersion into the local historical culture and the startup culture as they dine on Cajun food before touring the BioInnovation Center to learn about the region’s digital health and clean technology initiatives. But the region’s largest startup industry, education, is sure to be the focus as the team visits The Idea Village to meet with local education startup founders such as Matt Candler of 4.0 and Jen Medberry of Kickboard. Saints Quarterback Drew Brees will also be on hand to help host the visiting tour, whose members include Tech.Co CEO Frank Gruber.
The local entrepreneurs not involved in the Rise of the Rest competition will have the opportunity to give a show-and-tell about their startups while riding upon a Mardi Gras float! The “Krewe de Nieux” will actually drive through New Orleans, from the Idea Village down to a local tap room, while entrepreneurs on board give their pitches. If that’s not enough excitement, the day’s events will culminate at the New Orleans Jazz Market, where jazz trumpeter Irvin Mayfield and New Orleans Saints tackle Zach Strief will help judge the startup finalists. These finalists will compete to win the $100,000 investment from Steve Case.
The eight startups in the Rise of the Rest startup competition are:
GoToInterview – on-demand video interviewing platform for high-turn industries
PlantBid – business to business marketplace for the professional horticulture products industry
WhereY’Art – marketplace and social network connecting artists/buyers
Servato – industrial internet of things solution provider
Get Healthy – software and services powering direct primary care revolution
Million Dollar Scholar – transforming how schools and parents prepare students to pay for college
Welcome to College – helps colleges optimize the college visit and enroll optimal fit students
Community Health TV – multicultural, multi-platform health media company
The Rise of the Rest Tour is possible with partnerships from Google for Entrepreneurs and UP Global, in addition to the support from both new and previous tour partners including Salesforce for Startups, Engine, Startup Grind, Village Capital, Seed Here Studio and Tech.Co.
Image Credit: Flickr/La Citta Vita