Ms. Guo infuriated many Chinese for her conspicuous displays of wealth in online posts while she purported to work for the Red Cross.

On Friday, still hobbling slowly on crutches almost a year after he was attacked, Kevin Lau Chun-to said there were great risks from growing integration with mainland China, but expressed hope in new media and the public’s commitment to press freedom.

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Recent reports about the possibility of Chinese citizens being trapped in Kachin State are a reminder of China’s dealings in Myanmar.

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To judge from warnings by Chinese Communist Party officials, the calligraphy racket can be as sordid and ruthless as a rigged wrestling match.

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At a time when many booksellers are struggling, Eslite is thriving, with 43 stores in Taiwan and one in Hong Kong. One secret to its success in Taiwan: It operates like a self-contained mall.

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A flier opened the emergency door of a plane taxiing in the southwestern city of Chongqing this week. It was the latest in a spate of passengers misbehaving, leading to calls for tougher punishment.

After a visit by city officials, it was determined that a private club occupying areas in the two temples was an “unlicensed business” and that there were serious lapses by the Beijing government’s regulatory bodies.

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The police detained Zhang Miao in October while she was trying to attend an event in Beijing in support of the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement.

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Jimmy Lai, who has come under attack for his anti-Communist views, speaks about his role in the Occupy Central protests, why he is distancing himself from his media company and the challenges that lie ahead.

The headquarters of the Next Media Group and the home of its owner, Jimmy Lai, were targeted but suffered no significant property damage.