Were You There? Secret Concerts Ruled Last Night’s NYC Party Scene

“Hello everyone, and welcome to New York Fashion Week,” Erykah Badu said last night, taking the stage around 1 AM at The Top of The Standard last night as the rain drops began pattering against the glass windows. The cult favorite crooner arrived in true diva form. While her band members awaited her arrival, swilling champagne with the rest of us, the guest of honor arrived nearly two hours later than her scheduled performance time. Luckily, this left the crowd buzzing for more of her greatest hits.

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Royal Christmas Style

The Duchess of Cambridge

The British Royal Family headed to Sandringham Church in Norfolk, England yesterday for the traditional family carol service and celebration. This year, as never before, coats and hats were the order of the day, fashion wise. It must be said that the fascinator-style hat, a small oval or round-shaped felt creation, perched on the side of the head has now become standard issue for British royals at church services. It is a style of hat almost never seen on anyone else. Far be it from us to criticize but it could be time for somebody to break out a Fedora. Our money would be on one of Prince Andrew’s daughters, possibly Beatrice, for this. Her ankle boots yesterday were almost too hight for rural Norfolk itself, never mind the royal churchyard. Anyway, everyone looked extremely chic, if a little safe. Next year, how about Harry in a trilby?

The Royal Family were joined by The Middleton family and the Queen’s children and grandchildren were in attendance, though the Duchess of Cambridge confessed to a bystander that Prince George had been left at home thanks to his current noisy phase and the Duchess of Cornwall was resting a bad back. They’re just like the rest of us!

Princess Eugenie and Autumn Phillips, wife of Peter, son of Princess Anne.
The Queen
Princess Beatrice
James and Pippa Middleton, siblings of the Duchess of Cambridge

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What to Get For the Girl Who’s Dying For a Burberry Monogram Poncho

Rustic Cuff Cutout Personalized Monogram Cuff, $110

J. Crew Collection Cashmere Sweatshirt, $248, available in five colors
J. Crew Collection Long Open Cardigan, $288, available in five colors
J. Crew Nightshirt, $63, also available in blue
Butterscotch Blankees Personalized Monogram Blanket, $414
Butterscotch Blankees Personalized Block Blanket, $414
J.W. Hulme Co. Legacy Handbag, $395
Louis Vuitton Neverfull Monogram, $1,720
Louis Vuitton Zephyr 70 Monogram, $5,750

For months, celebrities and civilians alike have been clamoring for Burberry’s monogram poncho. Unfortunately, the garment has been sold out for about as long. It’s no wonder — Cara Delevingne, Sarah Jessica Parker, Olivia Palermo and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have all been spotted wearing their customized versions of the coat.

Fear not, though — there are plenty of other, perfectly fine monogram-able goods on the market. Click through our slideshow and choose one; old-school prep never goes out of style.

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Joey Wolffer’s Boho Luxe Accessory Truck Sets Up Shop in NYC

Ms. Wolffer in her Upper East Side pop-up shop. (Photo via BFA)

Ms. Wolffer in her Upper East Side pop-up shop. (Photo via BFA)

Joey Wolffer doesn’t stay in one place for too long.

Since founding the StyleLiner, a converted truck from which she sells luxury accessories, she has made the rounds up and down the east coast annually for the past five years, curating and selling a selection of scarves, jewelry and even bags of her own design to the east coast’s most affluent women.

In the summer, she decamps in East Hampton. Then, she flees the cold by making her way down to Florida, always with retail coordinator Esme Yozell by her side. The StyleLiner has also done stints in Atlanta and, improbably, Montreal Fashion Week. This year, Ms. Wolffer hopes to hit Texas for the first time.

The StyleLiner's wares. (Photo via BFA)

The StyleLiner’s wares. (Photo via BFA)

But for now, she’s set up shop — as in, a real, live, pop-up brick-and-mortar store — in a Parisian-salon-style shop in the East 70s. Ms. Wolffer and Ms. Yozell are also taking the truck on the road at the same time, selling their wares in the Meatpacking District and more remote destinations such as Roslyn, Long Island. After shuttering the pop-up on Dec. 14, they will take a break then head down to Florida in January.

The truck’s contents range from fringed, laser-cut, suede scarves to luxury bags of Ms. Wolffer’s own design. Most of the StyleLiner’s customers are women ages 35 to 70, Ms. Wolffer said.

“Some of my favorite customers are such inspirational women,” she said. “For their work, they need to look really cool and interesting and wear interesting pieces.”

The accessories chosen by Ms. Wolffer, from brands such as Buba and Dassios, are full of embroidery, embellishment and varied textures. Part bohemian and part luxury, they won’t fail to spark a conversation or garner plenty of compliments.

“Accessories are much more emotional than clothing,” Ms. Wolffer said. “There’s so much more to work with. You can really play it up… You can give yourself so much personality with such a simple accessory.”

Ms. Wolffer extolls the benefits of running a mobile business — she can stay in her Hamptons home in the summer, she doesn’t have to pay rent on a store, and she flees the cold in the winter while more traditional shopkeepers watch their customers scuttle away as soon as the weather turns.

Still, her truck, a converted potato chip conveyor, has broken down a handful of times. Once, she had to pay for a tow truck to pull the truck from Atlanta to Miami just in time for a trunk show. All of the proceeds from the show went to the cost of towing.

“I’ve become really good friends with cops on the side of the road,” she said, “and AAA is my best friend.”

She also enjoys operating out of a truck because it means customers are always happy to see her.

“It’s nice, bringing the goods to them,” she said. “You don’t get sick of them and they don’t get sick of you… [but moving around] takes a lot of networking and the ability to talk to a wall, which I have, I have to say.”

Jewelry in the Upper East Side shop. (Photo via BFA)

Jewelry in the Upper East Side shop. (Photo via BFA)

Ms. Wolffer relies on social media and the StyleLiner’s website to stay in touch with her customers. Since she has built a considerable fan base in the past five years, she now feels confident enough to invest in a new branch of her career: designing handbags.

A former jewelry designer, Ms. Wolffer incorporates some of her own favorite designs into the bags, which are made of sumptuous materials such as crocodile and leather. The bags come in several sizes, from clutches ($285) to large tote bags ($1,375), and are sold under the brand name Joey Wolffer.

Traveling the country to meet customers and sell to them in such a hands-on way is a dream come true for Ms. Wolffer, who previously designed accessories as global trend director at Jones Apparel Group in London. Designing from behind a computer, she found, was not for her.

And surprisingly, traveling throughout the year has not taken a toll on Ms. Wolffer’s social life, partially because she mostly travels to locales where she knows people and has a support system.

“I’m married and really happy and I have a lot of amazing friends,” she said. “We have nice dinners together… Also, my customers become my friends, whether I like it or not.”

Before long, Ms. Wolffer will be fleeing NYC in favor of warmer climes. Follow the StyleLiner on Twitter and Instagram to find out where it will be next.

The StyleLiner is open at 40 E. 75th St. until Dec. 14.

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