If Ginsberg is God, Bella Freud is Goddess


Bella Freud: Photo: Mary McCartney

Ginsberg is God. Kate Moss seems to think so. She wears Bella Freud’s mossy and meditative incense-and-wormwood-laced fragrance by that name; in fact, she wears all three of the British designer’s scents including Je t’aime Jane (a romantic fruity floral) and 1970 (a hedonistic rose de mai infused with saffron).

Ms. Freud and her in-house perfume designer, Azzi Glasser, were in New York last Friday for the posh US debut of her perfume and candle collection at the intimate West Village perfume boutique, Aedes de Venustas.

Bella Freud and Azzi Glasser: Photo: Julian Broad

The glamorously gamine Bella Freud, great granddaughter of the father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, with her rock-star hair, skinny black jeans, Celine brothel creepers and “The Last Poets” sweater she designed, has never been conventional. She and her sister spent a few childhood years in Marrakech where their mother dabbled in Sufism. Ms. Freud sometimes makes arty short films as an alternative to runway shows, has modeled nude for her father, painter Lucian Freud, and is smitten with the smell of incense and patchouli—but don’t call her bohemian.

“Bohemian is a word that makes me flinch, I associate it with vagueness and sloppiness,” said the soft-spoken Ms. Freud. “My education started with Punk, which was a rigorous revolt against bohemianism. The names of the perfumes come from stories that wove themselves into my life. Ginsberg is God came about because of a short film I made with John Malkovich about beatnik girls waiting for their poet guru to arrive at a reading—he never does. I designed what they would wear and this was a bit like band merchandise—like the old ‘Clapton is God’ T-shirt.”

The fragrances and candles are named after the signature sweaters Ms. Freud designed, which are mostly black with her handwritten words. Like her fashions, they’ve got celebrity fans. Kylie Minogue, Noomi Rapace, Alison Mosshart and Johnny Depp wear 1970, and Mr. Depp, according to Ms. Glasser, also loves Ms. Freud’s signature Bella Freud candle and burned 1970 in his trailer while filming Alice.

How does one bring a fragrance to life from words on a shirt?

Chemistry—an intellectual/artistic synergy between Ms. Freud and her perfumer. Ms. Glasser, the nose behind Agent Provocateur’s signature fragrance whose bespoke clients include Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Orlando Bloom and Jude Law is gifted, it would seem, with the ability to interpret the stories and style of a person into smells.

“When Bella talks you can’t help but envision formulas, because she’s very articulate,” said Ms. Glasser. “I just let her speak, it’s almost like a therapy session.”

What was the inspiration behind Ginsberg is God?

“I envisioned a tousled headed poet and the smell of ink,” mused Ms. Freud. “The sexiness of someone’s mind is not a fresh, clean scent like you’d think. Intelligence is totally disarming and is a real turn on. Ginsberg is God is for a man and the woman that likes him. I trusted Azzi’s judgment on what would be captivating in a smell. She kind of psychoanalyzes my stories.”

Ginsberg candle and box

Will she ever name a scent Freudian Slips? “I doubt it,” laughed Ms. Freud who teased she has something provocative up her sleeve and also plans to launch her signature scent next year. She confessed she only recently became interested in her great grandfather (her father never talked about him) after her 14-year-old son brought home a comic book about him.

What to Get For the Girl Who’s Dying For a Burberry Monogram Poncho

Rustic Cuff Cutout Personalized Monogram Cuff, $110

J. Crew Collection Cashmere Sweatshirt, $248, available in five colors
J. Crew Collection Long Open Cardigan, $288, available in five colors
J. Crew Nightshirt, $63, also available in blue
Butterscotch Blankees Personalized Monogram Blanket, $414
Butterscotch Blankees Personalized Block Blanket, $414
J.W. Hulme Co. Legacy Handbag, $395
Louis Vuitton Neverfull Monogram, $1,720
Louis Vuitton Zephyr 70 Monogram, $5,750

For months, celebrities and civilians alike have been clamoring for Burberry’s monogram poncho. Unfortunately, the garment has been sold out for about as long. It’s no wonder — Cara Delevingne, Sarah Jessica Parker, Olivia Palermo and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have all been spotted wearing their customized versions of the coat.

Fear not, though — there are plenty of other, perfectly fine monogram-able goods on the market. Click through our slideshow and choose one; old-school prep never goes out of style.

Joey Wolffer’s Boho Luxe Accessory Truck Sets Up Shop in NYC

Ms. Wolffer in her Upper East Side pop-up shop. (Photo via BFA)

Ms. Wolffer in her Upper East Side pop-up shop. (Photo via BFA)

Joey Wolffer doesn’t stay in one place for too long.

Since founding the StyleLiner, a converted truck from which she sells luxury accessories, she has made the rounds up and down the east coast annually for the past five years, curating and selling a selection of scarves, jewelry and even bags of her own design to the east coast’s most affluent women.

In the summer, she decamps in East Hampton. Then, she flees the cold by making her way down to Florida, always with retail coordinator Esme Yozell by her side. The StyleLiner has also done stints in Atlanta and, improbably, Montreal Fashion Week. This year, Ms. Wolffer hopes to hit Texas for the first time.

The StyleLiner's wares. (Photo via BFA)

The StyleLiner’s wares. (Photo via BFA)

But for now, she’s set up shop — as in, a real, live, pop-up brick-and-mortar store — in a Parisian-salon-style shop in the East 70s. Ms. Wolffer and Ms. Yozell are also taking the truck on the road at the same time, selling their wares in the Meatpacking District and more remote destinations such as Roslyn, Long Island. After shuttering the pop-up on Dec. 14, they will take a break then head down to Florida in January.

The truck’s contents range from fringed, laser-cut, suede scarves to luxury bags of Ms. Wolffer’s own design. Most of the StyleLiner’s customers are women ages 35 to 70, Ms. Wolffer said.

“Some of my favorite customers are such inspirational women,” she said. “For their work, they need to look really cool and interesting and wear interesting pieces.”

The accessories chosen by Ms. Wolffer, from brands such as Buba and Dassios, are full of embroidery, embellishment and varied textures. Part bohemian and part luxury, they won’t fail to spark a conversation or garner plenty of compliments.

“Accessories are much more emotional than clothing,” Ms. Wolffer said. “There’s so much more to work with. You can really play it up… You can give yourself so much personality with such a simple accessory.”

Ms. Wolffer extolls the benefits of running a mobile business — she can stay in her Hamptons home in the summer, she doesn’t have to pay rent on a store, and she flees the cold in the winter while more traditional shopkeepers watch their customers scuttle away as soon as the weather turns.

Still, her truck, a converted potato chip conveyor, has broken down a handful of times. Once, she had to pay for a tow truck to pull the truck from Atlanta to Miami just in time for a trunk show. All of the proceeds from the show went to the cost of towing.

“I’ve become really good friends with cops on the side of the road,” she said, “and AAA is my best friend.”

She also enjoys operating out of a truck because it means customers are always happy to see her.

“It’s nice, bringing the goods to them,” she said. “You don’t get sick of them and they don’t get sick of you… [but moving around] takes a lot of networking and the ability to talk to a wall, which I have, I have to say.”

Jewelry in the Upper East Side shop. (Photo via BFA)

Jewelry in the Upper East Side shop. (Photo via BFA)

Ms. Wolffer relies on social media and the StyleLiner’s website to stay in touch with her customers. Since she has built a considerable fan base in the past five years, she now feels confident enough to invest in a new branch of her career: designing handbags.

A former jewelry designer, Ms. Wolffer incorporates some of her own favorite designs into the bags, which are made of sumptuous materials such as crocodile and leather. The bags come in several sizes, from clutches ($285) to large tote bags ($1,375), and are sold under the brand name Joey Wolffer.

Traveling the country to meet customers and sell to them in such a hands-on way is a dream come true for Ms. Wolffer, who previously designed accessories as global trend director at Jones Apparel Group in London. Designing from behind a computer, she found, was not for her.

And surprisingly, traveling throughout the year has not taken a toll on Ms. Wolffer’s social life, partially because she mostly travels to locales where she knows people and has a support system.

“I’m married and really happy and I have a lot of amazing friends,” she said. “We have nice dinners together… Also, my customers become my friends, whether I like it or not.”

Before long, Ms. Wolffer will be fleeing NYC in favor of warmer climes. Follow the StyleLiner on Twitter and Instagram to find out where it will be next.

The StyleLiner is open at 40 E. 75th St. until Dec. 14.

Something a Little 3 Different


Invest your expendable cash in something cutting edge. The Replicator Z18 by MakerBot is of the most advanced user-friendly 3D printers on the market. It’s WiFi ready, can create multiple projects at once, and has the ability to print objects three times taller than its closest competitors can manage.

“With 3D printing, you can create anything out of nothing,” Jenifer Howard, Director of PR at MakerBot, told The Observer as she showed us around the brand’s East Village store. She assured us that while 3D printing technology is still predominantly used by architects, engineers and similar professionals, it will be on everyone’s desktops in the near future.

Don’t let the industrial side of this technology fool you, though. With the Replicator Z18, anyone can create compelling masterpieces from cuckoo clocks to custom chandeliers — no tech or design experience necessary. Sites like feature thousands of ready-to-go digital designs where all you have to do is click “print.” MakerBot has software to help, and their latest app, MakerBot PrintShop, makes designing unique treasures easier than ever. With PrintShop, you can design custom jewelry with the touch of a finger. It takes only seconds to transform their base bracelet into a bangle or cuff sporting what ever other customizations you choose. And if you want to take your jewelry beyond the plastic that comes out of the printer, take it to a jeweler who can make your same custom design in 24-karat gold.

The Replicator Z18 is available for $6,499 online and in the MakerBot retail store located at 298 Mulberry Street in the East Village.

LA vs. NYC Fashion Faceoff: Kelly Osbourne and Zosia Mamet

Ms. Osbourne (via Getty) and Ms. Mamet (via BFA)

Ms. Osbourne (via Getty) and Ms. Mamet (via BFA)

Kelly Osbourne and Zosia Mamet have quite a bit in common. They star on hit TV shows (Fashion Police and Girls, respectively), they have famous dads, and they’re not afraid of a truly out-there dye job.

This week, they appeared at events on opposite coasts, each looking like a funhouse-mirror image of the other one, thanks to their matching magenta, silver and black outfit accents.

In LA, Ms. Osbourne, 30, went for a rockabilly look, complete with updo, circle skirt and ladylike pumps. Meanwhile, Ms. Mamet 26, went for a more androgynous look, with her graphic blazer bringing to mind your favorite kooky aunt.

While Ms. Osbourne’s outfit has a timeless silhouette, that bright-pink-and-black combo is just too Hot Topic ca. 2008. Ms. Mamet’s more subtle color combos win here, bringing the score to 9-4 in favor of New York City.

Click here for more LA vs. NYC fashion faceoffs.

Kate Middleton Wears Black and White Mod-Inspired Coat to Meet Chirlane McCray

Ms. McCray and the Duchess of Cambridge (Photo via Getty)

Ms. McCray and the Duchess of Cambridge (Photo via Getty)

The Duchess of Cambridge is continuing her tour of New York City in yet another clean-cut, wool coat.

Today, she brought a hint of ’60s Carnaby Street mod to New York City in Goat’s Washington coat, which is likely selling out at £680 as we speak.

The former Ms. Middleton met New York City’s First Lady, Chirlane McCray, this morning. The two women are wrapping Christmas gifts for hundreds of children the Northside Center.

The First Lady's magenta coat stands out on this freezing NYC day. (Photo via Getty)

The First Lady’s magenta coat stands out on this freezing NYC day. (Photo via Getty)

She paired the preppy garment with black pumps and black tights.

The Duchess also received a briefing from Northside volunteers, as seen below on Clarence House’s official Instagram:

Last night, the Duchess wore a purple coat by Seraphina with black piping and ankle boots.

The Duchess and Duke of Cambridge arrive in New York City. (Photo via Getty)

The Duchess and Duke of Cambridge arrive in New York City. (Photo via Getty)

Tonight, the couple will attend a Brooklyn Nets game. We aren’t going to hold our breath for matching Nets jerseys, though.

Alexander Wang Holds Sample Sale in NYC This Week

Jourdan Dunn models the brand's spring 2014 collection, which will be on sale. (Photo via Getty)

Jourdan Dunn models the brand’s spring 2014 collection, which will be on sale. (Photo via Getty)

In case you haven’t had your fill of sportswear-inspired street clothes, some of Alexander Wang’s recent releases will be heavily discounted at a sample sale this week.

From 9 a.m. through 8 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 9, through Saturday, Dec. 13, clothes from Alexander Wang and T by Alexander Wang will be available at up to 75 percent off.

Women’s ready-to-wear collections, footwear and handbags from fall 2010 through spring 2014 will be available, as well as men’s ready-to-wear from fall 2012 and fall 2013 and men’s footwear from fall 2013 and spring 2014.

Discounts will be deep — footwear originally priced from $450 to $1,000 plummets to $150 and up; $600 handbags will go for $200. Even the brand’s now-iconic Parental Advisory sweatshirt, favored by Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan, will be going for $400 rather than its original price of $995.

The sale is taking place at 151 Wooster St., between Houston and Prince.

The Definitive Guide to New York City’s 2014 Holiday Window Displays

Nick Jonas and Liz Rodbell celebrating the Lord & Taylor windows. (Photo via Getty)

Nick Jonas and Liz Rodbell celebrating the Lord & Taylor windows. (Photo via Getty)

Since Macy’s sparked the Christmas window tradition in the early 1870s, New York City’s most iconic department stores have unveiled bigger and better window displays each holiday season.

This year, the themes are wide-ranging and every aesthetic from minimalist art deco to over-the-top futurism is represented. During peak hours, more than 10,000 people pass the windows, according to Macy’s. With our handy guide of every holiday hot spot from Macy’s to Bloomie’s, you can be the best-informed of the crowd.

1. Macy’s, 151 W. 34th St., at Seventh Avenue

Going down in history as the store where the real, live Kris Kringle first served as Santa in A Miracle on 34th Street in 1947 and the first department store to transform its window displays for the month of December, Macy’s has to be the first stop on any Christmas window tour.

The theme at Macy’s Herald Square this year is “Santa’s Journey to the Stars.” While passing by the store’s six windows, you’ll see the tale of Alex, a young boy with a magic telescope, who experiences Christmas on other planets with his dog, Bella. The story is told in animated form with the assistance of high-definition video monitors.

Designed by Roya Sullivan, the display is made from 85 percent foam, with sculptures specially created to resemble the surfaces of the moon and stars. Ms. Sullivan hopes this year’s windows “will symbolize the power of magical thinking and the tradition of storytelling… We have combined our homage to today’s tech-savvy child with a nostalgic dream to travel through space with Santa.”

If space travel isn’t your thing, the store will also be recreating Yes, Virginia… on the 34th Street block. The windows are on display from Nov. 20 through Dec. 26.

Lord & Taylor's display. (Photo via Lord & Taylor)

Lord & Taylor’s display. (Photo via Lord & Taylor)

2. Lord & Taylor, 424 Fifth Ave., at 39th Street

Head east and turn left on Fifth Avenue and you’ll hit Lord & Taylor, where the windows explore the interiors of an enchanted mansion, to mark the 100th anniversary of Lord & Taylor’s Fifth Avenue building.

While looking at the displays, you will see the mythical mansion’s paintings come to life and its furnishings start to stir. Video technology will give the traditional sets a contemporary twist.

The company celebrated its windows on Nov. 14 with a performance from Joe Jonas.

The Rockettes kicking off Saks' holiday windows. (Photo via Saks)

The Rockettes kicking off Saks’ holiday windows. (Photo via Saks)

3. Saks Fifth Avenue, 611 Fifth Ave., at 48th Street

Head uptown and you will hit Saks whose theme this year is “An Enchanted Experience.” The Rockettes helped this department store kick off its display on Nov. 24, and the windows have a fairy-tale theme.

Saks has recreated scenes from the stories of Rumplestiltskin, Rapunzel, Cinderella and Snow White with an art deco flourish. The costumes are all from designer collections. Displays are projected onto the store’s façades with six 3D projectors, and the display features a total of 71,000 lights.

The show is an homage to Saks’ birth in the 1920s and will run through the New Year.

A taxi with a trunk full of Tiffany boxes. (Photo via Tiffany & Co.)

A taxi with a trunk full of Tiffany boxes. (Photo via Tiffany & Co.)

4. Tiffany & Co., 727 Fifth Ave., at 57th Street

Tiffany’s is not a department store, per se, but its minimalist and refined windows are a nice palate cleanser for midway through your trip.

“The 2014 windows focus on the energy and sophistication of New York City in the 1950s and ’60s,” Richard Moore, vice president of creative visual merchandising, said. Tiffany Keys, Tiffany Blue Boxes and Atlas jewelry abound, with jewelry displayed on billboards, in taxi trunks and in Central Park.

A light show, inspired by the fireworks display created for the Tiffany Diamond at the 1939 New York World’s Fair 75 years ago, illuminates the store’s façade every 15 minutes from 4 p.m. to midnight until Jan. 5.

A previous Bergdorf Goodman window display. (Photo via Bergdorf Goodman)

5. Bergdorf Goodman, 754 Fifth Ave., at 58th Street

Walk uptown toward the park and you’ll hit Bergdorf Goodman, whose holiday windows have been on display since Nov. 15. Their theme this year is “Holidays on Ice,” with traditional holidays throughout the year being reimagined as wintry scenes.

The five large-scale holidays include Arbor Day, the Fourth of July, April Fool’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Halloween, with smaller shadow boxes displaying Thanksgiving, Mardi Gras, New Year’s Eve and Groundhog Day-themed windows.

“We sought a deceptively simple theme, and added a surprise,” said David Hoey, senior director of visual presentation. “‘Holidays on Ice’ will give equal billing to a year’s worth of holidays — not only the wintry ones. All of them will be icebound. Even the Fourth of July.”

Andy Cohen unveiled the windows on Nov. 19, the first time Bergdorf’s held a ceremonial reveal. The windows will be visible until Jan. 6.

Baz Luhrmann’s “Love”-themed window at Barney’s. (Photo via

6. Barney’s, 660 Madison Ave., at 61st Street

Turn right at the park, and you’ll see the trippy and fantastical displays at Barney’s. Baz Luhrmann, Catherine Martin and Dennis Freedman curated the windows this year, under the theme of “BAZ DAZZLED.”

Live performances and mechanical displays unite in these windows, with art pieces by Anthony Howe and Chris Cole. Barney’s truly has the most out-there and unique offerings this holiday season, including an eight-foot-tall, mechanical talking owl that speaks words of wisdom with a cover of Madonna’s “Holiday” blasting in the background.

The Barney’s displays will be up until the new year.

The display at Bloomingdale's. (Photo via BFA)

The display at Bloomingdale’s. (Photo via BFA)

7. Bloomingdale’s, 1000 Third Ave., at 59th Street

Walk east and you’ll hit the final stop on Third Avenue at Bloomingdale’s. This store had perhaps the highest-profile opening, with Idina Menzel (alias Adele Dazeem) performing at the ceremony.

This year, Bloomingdale’s has an interactive experience with games and other high-tech features in every window. Visitors are asked to use the hashtag #bloomiesgreetings while playing games.