New Australian prime minister says government remains strong

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australia's former Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been sworn in as the nation's new prime minister after the country's previous leader was ousted during an internal party revolt.
Turnbull was sworn in by Australia's Governor-General on Tuesday, replacing Tony Abbott, who was unseated during a surprise ballot of his conservative Liberal Party colleagues on Monday night.
Turnbull becomes Australia's fourth leader in little more than two years and his sudden appointment has left deep divisions in his administration's ranks.
Abbott spoke for the first time on Tuesday about his ejection and pledged to make the transition as easy as possible.Read more on

Party ousts Australian PM Abbott for more moderate rival

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australia's beleaguered prime minister was ousted from power in an internal party ballot on Monday as the ruling conservative party attempts to win back a disenchanted public by replacing the nation's polarizing, gaffe-prone leader with his more moderate rival.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott lost a leadership ballot by members of his party, who voted 54 to 44 to replace him with former Liberal Party leader and Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Liberal Party whip Scott Buchholz told reporters.Read more on