Chad Boudon

#DadsDayOff: This is Why People Love Zappos

Even though Father’s Day is over, my Facebook feed is still filled with pictures of people celebrating their dads. Much like Mother’s Day, I think it’s important to remember that this isn’t just another time of year to buy our beloved parents crappy Hallmark cards.
Rather, these are days out of the year where we celebrate the sacrifice and dedication that our parents have poured into us as their children. Surely, we would be nothing without our parents.
There was one father in particular, Chad Boudon, who received something special from the top name in customer service, Zappos. He’s a proud father of four, three of whom are triplets, and all of them under the age of five – talk about a full time job for him and his wife.
He works incredibly hard to support his family, and he has potentially the coolest wife on the planet. She recognized that because of his responsibilities Chad doesn’t always have time to relax after doing the typical ‘dad’ chores around the house like mowing the lawn.
So, when Zappos reached out to her and Chad’s parents they were ecstatic to bring him something he rarely gets in his day to day: a full day off. They worked together to pull off a massive surprise, dropping a team of helpers on his lawn to take care of all the chores on his list while he went out to one of the biggest golf events of the year.
The Boudon family was also given lots of goodies from Zappos, including items already they had in their shopping cart. According to Zappos, as a customer service focused company this was a fun way to reward a loyal and deserving customer.
So, even though it’s the day after Father’s Day, let’s not forget those who have helped make our lives awesome. Here’s the heartwarming video Zappos released for #DadsDayOff:

Image Credit: Dad’s Day Off video