Erica Moore

The WDCEP Looks to Get DC into the Startup Spotlight

If you’re at all involved in DC’s tech or startup ecosystems, you probably think we have a lot going on here. However, a recent ranking of the top global ecosystems shows that DC didn’t even crack the top 20. We clearly have some work to do if we want to entice people to startup in the nation’s capital.
Luckily, the Washington, DC Economic Partnership (WDCEP) is on it. Their goal is to get DC in the spotlight as a tech startup hub. According to an article in DCInno, they’ve started putting some ambitious plans in place that will help promote DC. In addition to some recent new hires, they’ve also become DC’s representation at SXSW Interactive.
“People don’t always think of D.C. as a big part of the tech startup and innovation world,” Erica Moore, who’s recently taken on the role of WDCEP first technology and entrepreneurship program associate, told DC Inno “That’s changing and the Partnership is evolving to promote it.”
The Washington DC Economic Partnership is a non-profit organization that promotes economic development and business opportunities for Washington, DC. Of course their mission covers development outside of the tech industry, but they are putting more emphasis on tech startups than ever before.
As part of the 2015 SXSW Interactive festival, they hosted WE DC House. It included a number of events including a startup showcase, a fireside chat brought to you by your very own, and a lounge where people could socialize, be productive, or both.
“At SXSW we are showcasing to potential investors in our startups,” Julie Weber, WDCEP’s marketing director told DCInno. “We can show them we have a burgeoning, thriving startup scene that they should take a look at.”
WDCEP is putting a focus on drawing more venture capitalists, angel investors, and other resources to the DC area as well, because the entrepreneurs are naturally going to gravitate towards cities with money. As part of the push to highlight tech startups, WDCEP is also planning networking events, lectures, and they’ve even put together this handy map of all of the coworking spaces in DC.

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