The Florida Young Democrats urge the leaders and elected officials of the Democratic Party to join us in supporting the diplomatic efforts of President Obama’s administration in securing a nonproliferation resolution with the Islamic Republic of Iran. As President Obama has stated, this is an “historic understanding” between the United States, Iran, and other major […]

The Supreme Leader of Iran’s posted a new video to his Youtube channel Sunday with a warning message to the U.S. The video threat comes just days after the touted Iranian nuclear deal, orchestrated by the Obama administration. The short video began with audio of President Obama saying, “we could knock out their military with […]

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A Kim Jong-un parody dance video, reportedly make by a Chinese college student, has gone viral.
The video features a fake Kim Jong-un, dancing and fighting his way through a series of very bizarre situations.
The North Korean leader is seen kicked to the ground by President Obama, parading through a ballet studio, and much much more, all to the sound of a Chinese pop song by the group the ‘Chopstick Brothers’.
While most people find the video hilarious, the North Koreans are not amused.
In fact, they are so unhappy with the video, they apparently have asked the Chinese government to take steps to remove it.
Obviously, the Chinese Government was unable to do so.
The full video can be seen below on YouTube. What is your favorite scene?

President Obama can claim a political victory with the Iranian nuclear deal, while critics still denounce the move and the flood of money which would flow to Iran, who chants “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” days after the deal was struck. Now a 9/11 vote seems likely, officially changing our relationship with Israel, […]

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India is going all out in primping for President Obama’s three-day visit next week, including dispatching more than 600 workers to hand-scrub the streets near the Taj Mahal. The workers…

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Obama‘s ‘free’ stuff

Wednesday, 21 January 2015 by

Judging from his State of the Union, President Obama owes Mitt Romney an apology. Back in the 2012 campaign, Romney was excoriated for saying this about the difference between himself…

President Obama should abandon the $10.10 benchmark in favor of a bolder goal that is in keeping with economic and political realities — and with his promise to restore the middle class.

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Today in Politics

Tuesday, 20 January 2015 by

President Obama will deliver his first State of the Union address to a Republican-controlled Congress on Tuesday night.

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Today in Politics

Friday, 16 January 2015 by

Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain is likely to press his case for government access to encrypted Internet conversations when he meets with President Obama on Friday.

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Approval Update: Obama Up, G.O.P. Down

Wednesday, 14 January 2015 by

Americans appear to be gaining confidence in President Obama as he enters his seventh year on the job.

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