“All of her power came from Shelly, and she is not popular in the governor’s office,” a political insider said.

New York Today: Picturing a Crime Scene

Friday, 23 January 2015 by

Friday and the weekend: the fallout from the Sheldon Silver arrest, snow coming tonight, and the week in photos.

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Gov. Cuomo’s decision to pull the plug on his corruption-fighting Moreland Commission panel will have repercussions far beyond Thursday’s indictment of Sheldon Silver, insiders said. The move, some said, raised…

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If Gov. Cuomo had allowed the Moreland Commission to fulfill its mission, charges against Sheldon Silver might have been brought earlier.

Turns out Mayor de Blasio has shown his unwavering support for “the thin blue line” — just not the one most people are familiar with. The embattled mayor uttered the…

A lawyer whose firm made unexplained payments to Sheldon Silver is so close to the Assembly speaker that the attorney attended a young Shel’s bar mitzvah nearly 60 years ago,…

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