Wade Wilson

Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool Seeing A Potential Sequel Says Simon Kinberg

The resurrected character Deadpool has been receiving a lot of positive feedback. In fact, producer Simon Kinberg has confirmed that Fox is already in discussions about the sequel to next year’s R-rated film adaptation of the “Deadpool” comics.
Speaking with Collider during press rounds for Ridley Scott’s “The Martian,” Kinberg reveals he’s already seen an early version of the film:
“I have seen a rough cut of Deadpool and it’s fantastic. It’s a really good movie. It delivers on the promise of the trailer. We really committed and leaned into it being R-rated. It’s just darker and edgier and weirder in the best way-like Deadpool should be—than any other movie in the genre.
We certainly are talking about the sequel – we were talking about the sequel while we were making the movie just because when you make a film like this that’s from a serialized source material, you hope that it’s the first of many… But yeah [Fox is] feeling good about it, we’re all feeling really proud of it, so hopefully before it comes out we will be well into the process of figuring out a sequel.”
Deadpool follows former special forces operative Wade Wilson as he is subjected to a rogue experiment in an effort to cure his cancer. He comes out of the procedure with his face disfigured, but on the bright side, he also has accelerated healing powers and a new dark, twisted sense of humor. Adopting the moniker Deadpool, Wade makes a name for himself as a mercenary and uses his new abilities to “hunt down the man who nearly destroyed his life, according to CinemaBlend.
The film’s director Tim Miller has previously hinted that comics character Cable could appear and Kinberg was asked about that very possibility in the potential sequel:
“It’s certainly come up because he’s such a big character in the world. And it’s a character that I’ve always wanted to do in one form or another, we talked about Cable actually in Days of Future Past at one point. But yeah we’re in such the early stages of sequel talk it would be genuinely premature for me to say whether or not he was gonna be in it.”
The first “Deadpool” is currently slated for release in February 12, 2016. What do you think of the recent comments? Sound off below.