Student Crossword | Winter Weather

Friday, 19 December 2014 by

Test your knowledge of winter weather by playing our crossword.

Many in Hollywood expressed dismay that hackers could force a studio to cancel a movie. Does Sony’s decision threaten First Amendment freedoms?

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You can put anything you like on your lists — the movies, music, TV or books you liked best ; the news stories or viral videos or sporting events that you thought were great or terrible; the aspects of your personal, family or academic life that were most notable for being bad or good; or a mix.

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How do you use what you have to help others?

Every week, a seventh-grade class in Princeton, N.J., works together to solve the New York Times Monday crossword puzzle.

Do you believe that the United States is the “land of opportunity”? Do you think the American dream, however you define it, is alive and well?

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Weekly News Quiz | Dec. 2-8, 2014

Tuesday, 09 December 2014 by

On Tuesday, Dec. 16, in lieu of a weekly quiz, look for our annual news quiz that rounds up the biggest stories of the year. What do you think should be included?

Does paying ransom to terrorists and kidnappers only lead to more kidnapping? Or, is an inflexible policy unfair to the families of hostages?

Here are the first six paragraphs of a Dec. 8 article, “For Dogs, an Eight G Water Break.” Can you choose the best word for each blank?

Is peer-to-peer music sharing unethical? Is it different from sharing music on YouTube? Why?