Why You Should Be Asking About Travel Requirements, But You’re Not!

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Travel requirements may not be the highlight of a conversation with your marketing recruiter, but it needs to be discussed. Although it does not initially weigh as much as compensation and growth, travel for a new role should be considered to make an educated decision on a great opportunity. Let’s discuss these options and see where you fit.

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Commute: Is It Doable?

Commute is one of the most asked questions (outside of compensation) our candidates ask us about on a daily basis (if you live in a big city, traffic can be a huge factor). We place talent nationwide, and working with a national recruitment agency has many perks; one of them is our research into the market and location. As we engage with our clients and potential candidates, we aim to be as precise as possible without sacrificing the quality of talent. Therefore, commute comes up a lot. With this being said, commute is a personal preference. For example, in Atlanta, a candidate would be happy with a commute that averages 45 minutes because traffic here can be hectic. In another city like Phoenix, a candidate may find it excessive. Regardless of your location, communicating with your recruiter to determine what works best for you is highly recommended.

Remote: To Do or Not To Do?

More and more companies and organizations are embracing remote options. This can range from 1 day a week to completely remote roles. There are many benefits most candidates enjoy from remote work, including but not limited to better work/life balance, savings on gas, better productivity, and much more. On another hand, some may feel that working in an office and engaging with their peers face to face is a must for success. We always inform our candidates of their remote options if they are available. If a role is not offering this as an option, there are typically other benefits. Just make sure to inquire!

International and Domestic Travel Requirements

Traveling domestically or abroad can be a real treat — when you are not required to practically live out of a suitcase. We always inquire on the behalf of candidates to make sure that travel requirements are reasonable. It can look different for every role. Some employers are going through an expansion to new territories, and traveling regularly is a must. Others focus their efforts on developing strategies for local markets and require no or minimal traveling. When you speak to marketing recruiters on our team, we will share traveling requirements by percentage and sometimes even frequent travel locations. Business traveling can have an impact on family life and quality of life in general.

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