So Long, From You’re the Boss

Tuesday, 23 December 2014 by

After five years, this is the final post on You’re the Boss. As a parting gift, we offer some highlights from another year spent in the trenches, where we all continued to make mistakes and learn lessons.

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Can the S.B.A. stay relevant? Will a subscription model work for the movies? Is it acceptable to read and respond to messages during a meeting?

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The spending bill quietly includes legislation affecting thousands of small businesses. Ten questions to ask before allowing employees to telecommute. And why retailers keep sending out catalogs.

Alex Blumberg concluded that he had the skills as a producer to start a business and create shows for profit. He is chronicling his progress in podcast called “StartUp.”

Why I Left the Vending Business

Monday, 08 December 2014 by

We had an offer on the table that I thought was acceptable — in fact, I accepted it. But it turned out I had a lot to learn about how businesses are sold.

A Detroit burger restaurant pays $15 an hour — and makes money. How businesses can manage holiday parties. And how one business owner responded to an antigay request.

Over time, our pricing evolved into a tier system: Tier 1 is the higher profit work, Tier 2 is lower profit. Our discount-seeker is Tier 2.